two wor(l)ds

two wor(l)ds…

like two wor(l)ds

none ahead

you are there

you are there


‘s the acid liquid trapped in the mattress

the other

an indescriptible being

touching and laughing

felt like shit once

nothing matters

i come across you


fucking sphere

sugar cage of the haunted

you and your skinny faith

you are there

you are there

your mouth a lie

your curves an orchid’s

ruthless tongues of destiny:

will ever your eyes run out of passion?

you are there

you are there

fighting no fight

lurking at my pen

living the dying dream of eternity

with a dove in your heart

and my life at your fence

but never a name

never a name…


hurt one


I know

it’s the cloud in the path

the one I travel, the bad


I know

but simply ‘cause I don’t call

doesn’t mean It doesn’t hurt


I know

the things I did

the things I don’t


I know

not too much lasting,

not too much long

(It’s my first time writing poetry in english, patience, patience: in time, I’ll learn)

(Es mi “primera vez”! Paciencia, paciencia, nos iremos perfeccionando, jajaja…)